Trees fall into power lines, create road hazards in Brunswick County

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Hurricane Florence knocked down several trees in Brunswick County, falling into power lines and creating road hazards for drivers.

Trees could be seen on Old Ocean Highway near the Brunswick Emergency Operations Center dangling on power lines, with some power lines knocked onto the road.

Drivers appeared to ignore the downed power lines, crossing right over them.

No word yet on when those trees and power lines will be addressed.

Also in Brunswick County, there was some action off of Highway 17.

On Goodman Rd NE just off Highway 17, there was a tree that fell, blocking the road completely.

An ambulance was trying to get down the road when someone brought out a chainsaw.

Several others helped to move the tree so the ambulance and other vehicles could pass.

Nearby on 17 another tree broke and fell on top of a power line.

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