TROUBLESHOOTERS: Who’s at fault for wrong online order?

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — When you buy a product online you don’t have the chance to get a good look at it until it arrives. Sometimes, what you get is not what you expected, but that doesn’t mean the company is at fault.

Rick Pasour has an amphibious all-terrain vehicle he uses for search and rescue missions with CUE, a Wilmington organization that forms search parties when someone is missing. “I was trying to give my vehicle a little of an upgrade. On the outside it’s a little rough condition from the years it’s been used and I wanted to give the outer body like a facelift,” Pasour said.

He went online to “Camo 4 U Enterprises” to order a permanent vinyl kit for his ATV. Pasour says they first sent the wrong color so he called to get it exchanged. “He sent me a label ups and I sent it back and in about a week or ten days I got the new material.”

Pasour says he then took the new kit to a sign shop in supply to get the vehicle wrapped. “They said this was not high-tack so they wouldn’t even touch it.”

Judging by what the sign shop told him, Pasour thought he received the removable vinyl by mistake since Camo4U sells both permanent and removable vinyl. He needed to return it for a second time but says they never sent him a return label.

We contacted Camo4U Jim Clinton. Clinton says Pasour bought the kit in September and didn’t notify them about the color mix-up until May. Even though they have a 30-day return policy, they still exchanged the vinyl as for whether Paysour got what he ordered this time.

Clinton said, “Based on what our records show, what his packaging shows and the back of the material, he did get the right material.”

So why would the sign company think otherwise?

“Unfortunately it sounds like he took it to a place that didn’t like that kind of material. Typically what they’ll do is say whatever material they have at their sign shop that’s he best material and that’s the one you should go with,” Clinton said.

Clinton says it’s pressure-sensitive vinyl meaning it wouldn’t seem sticky at first. The adhesive is activated as it’s applied.

So there’s no reason for the vinyl to be returned. It’s a sticky situation that has now been smoothed out.

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