USS Battleship North Carolina continues to battle Mother Nature

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Last month, the US Department of Defense released a report about the effects of climate change on US military installations. Tuesday morning, it was a topic of conversation at the USS Battleship North Carolina, which has its own ongoing fight against Mother Nature.

The Battleship has developed a multi-million-dollar flood plan strategy called “Living with Water.”

“The ‘Living with Water’ is the future,” said the Battleship’s Executive Director and Retired Captain Terry Bragg. “Today, we’re dealing with taking a whopping from Hurricane Florence.”

Hurricane damage to the USS Battleship North Carolina and its visitor center totals more than $2 million. Now, the Battleship is focused on effective solutions moving forward.

“We’ve replaced our roof,” said Bragg. “We’ve had to replace our sewage and water line that ran underneath the water that was ripped out of place. We’re having to replace all the dry wall.”

As the Battleship faces potential flooding impacts with high tide, flood preparedness is one of many concerns across the southeast. Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo says the city needs to improve hurricane preparedness and rebuild smarter.

“We’ve got to do a better job with our shelters,” said Saffo. “We have got to make sure they are proof to 145 mile per hour winds. We have to make sure our roadways are raised and can get critical supplies into our community.”

But, American Security Project CEO Stephen Cheney says Hurricane Florence is just one small event in a world full of events enhanced by climate change.

“The Arab Spring and what went on in Syria was exacerbated dramatically by climate change and a prime example is the drought in Syria from 2006 to 2011 … worst drought in the history,” said Cheney.

Democrats have criticized the Pentagon’s report on climate change’s impact on the military for not being detailed enough. Meanwhile, The White House is reportedly considering a special committee to look at climate change and security risks.

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