UNCW’s C.B. McGrath reacts to NCAA scandal

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The shock waves of the latest NCAA scandal at the University of Louisville have reached the Port City.

Today was the first media day for new UNCW coach C.B. McGrath. He of course replaced Kevin Keatts, who left for NC State this Spring after three years at the UNCW. Before that, Keatts spent three seasons at the University of Louisville as Rick Pitino’s assistant and top recruiter.

Yesterday during NC State’s media day, Keatts refused to comment on the then fresh news that Louisville was part of the on-going federal investigation.

Keatts has not been implicated in that investigation, which involves allegations of hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to recruits to pick schools, shoe sponsors and agents.

Today, we asked Coach McGrath about his thoughts on the scandal and what it means to his team.

“It doesn’t necessarily affect me personally so I have to worry about this team,” McGrath said. “If something was affecting me more personally , I might look more into it. I’m living my life like normal everyday since the news came out. These guys don’t have to worry about anything and I really don’t have to worry about anything.”

The federal fraud and corruption case also involved an executive from Adidas, which provides shoes and uniforms for UNCW. However, at this point, there is no indication that UNCW is involved in the investigation.

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