#UNSOLVED: 5 people missing from Wilmington for more than 20 years

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police need help finding answers in five missing person cases.

Eugene Raymond Berry, Bobby Lee Robinson, Barry Maurice Aiken, Charles May,and  Emma Jean Collins have been missing for 20 years or more.

Sgt. John Kunak with the Wilmington Police Department said none of them are connected, but the cases do have something in common.

“We’ve had very limited information come in on them over the years,” Kunak said.

Detectives are also running out of time for these cases, because they are so old.

“We’re coming up on a time period where you know we probably will never get any other information on these cases,” Kunak said.

Who were they?

“Emma Jean Collins, aka, Peanut,” Kunak said.

Collins was 17 years old when she was reported missing in August 1986.

“She was reported missing by her grandmother from 920 Dawson Street,” Kunak said.

Kunak said her grandmother did not know where Collins lived.

“Emma Jean was a prostitute at the time and was also into drug activity,” Kunak said.

Collins was last seen on July 10. On august 20th, her grandmother got a phone call.

“She doesn’t know who it was and they told her that Peanut had died of a drug overdose, but we never found a body. We never had anything reported at that time to us,” Kunak said.

All they have now is an old mug shot.

“There’s never been any follow up phone calls or any anonymous tips or anything,” Kunak said.

Eugene Raymond Berry was 26 years old when he went missing in August 1991.

“He was last seen by his sister at 216 Virginia Avenue which was the old Dove Meadows before they were torn down,” Kunak said.

Kunak said Berry told his sister he was having trouble breathing.

“He left to go walk up to the store to get some medicine for his asthma and he was never seen again,” Kunak said.

Kunak said Berry was supposed to be at work on August 22 and 23, but never showed up.

“Which was very uncharacteristic of him,” Kunak said.

In 1995, one tip came in.

“They said that he was living in Garden Lake Estates and they also told the officer that his body was seen in Greenfield Lake around that time,” Kunak said.

Kunak said police could not find a body. There are no pictures of berry. Police just have a description.

“5’1 155 lbs, brown hair brown eyes, wore green contacts,” Kunak said.

In February 1993, Barry Maurice Aiken, 21, was reported missing by his dad from 2030 Wrightsville Avenue.

“According to Mr. Aiken’s father, Barry was depressed at the time,” Kunak said. Barry also suffered from seizures.”

On February 24, Kunak said Aiken’s dad came home and Aiken was not there.

“His wallet was still at the house, his ID and his money and Barry was no where to be found,” Kunak said.

Kunak says they also do not have any pictures of aiken.

Bobby Lee Robinson was 41 when he went missing in 1995 from 507 S 18th Street.

“He was under treatment for paranoid schizophrenia and he was violent when he was not taking his medication,” Kunak said.

Kunak said Robinson’s mom was the last one to see him on May 14.

“He was sleeping on her couch,” Kunak said. He woke up, said that he was going to go for a walk and he left and never came back and was never seen again.”

All that is left is a picture.

In 1999, Charles May was 50 years old when he went missing.

“He was reported missing by his landlord,” Kunak said.

Kunak said May was living at 2417 Wrightsville Avenue. Kunak said he was working for Labor Ready.

“His landlord had seen him leave for work and that was the last time he saw him,” Kunak said.

It was June 19.

“He never showed up to work that day.”

There are no pictures. They just have a description.

“Black male, 50 years old, 6 foot, 165 lbs, salt and pepper hair, brown eyes, medium complected.”

Five people are missing and five families are still without answers.

“If anybody has information, whether they think it’s important or not, you know it might be worth something for us to follow up on so we can bring some closure to these cases and to the families that are involved,” Kunak said.

If you know anything, please contact the Wilmington Police Department.

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