UPS driver leaves lasting impression after 30 years

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– He’s stopped his route to give CPR, helped put out a burning house while on the job, and splinted a little girl’s arm while waiting for medical help to arrive.

This is not your typical delivery man. David Phillippi has spent 30 years becoming more than just a guy dropping off packages.

To most, when you pass him on the road he is just another UPS truck driver on the daily grind. But to some people in Ogden, Phillippi is much more than just that.

“He means a lot, He is like a brother,” said Frank Weaver.

Phillippi has had the same route on middle sound loop road for almost 26 years.

“He is not just here to do a job, he is here to be pleasant while he is doing the job,” Plant Place owner Bobbi Edwards said.

Customers now are more than just a name on a label.

“I just think of how many houses he goes to on this loop and I am sure he knows each of us as individuals,” Edwards said.

From birthday packages, weddings gifts, and baby registries Phillippi has been through it all with the folks on this route. He even has gone the extra mile to make sure Christmas is just as magical as it is intended to be.

“When we came home there was a note on the door and the box has hidden on the other side of the house because he didn’t want the boys to see the gift,” customer Sue Rachunok said.

At the end of the week, Phillippi is hanging up his keys for good.

“When he told me he was retiring my jaw must have dropped about a foot,”‘ Rachunok said.

Through countless packages, he has made friendships he’ll cherish forever.

“It is a bittersweet day,” Phillippi said. “You know I have a lot of friends that I’ve gotten to know and tomorrow I might not get to see them for a while.”

They have enjoyed having him as part of their community.

“He is in everybody’s heart, isn’t that crazy?” Rachunok said. “He is a UPS guy!”

Friday is Phillippi’s last day, but he is not retiring for good. He plans on starting up a handy man service and the folks we spoke with on the route are already planning to give him a call.

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