Victim’s family is unsatisfied with sentencing in 2020 deadly hit and run in Pender County

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – 34-year-old DeAnglo Eugene Newton was sentenced to 30 days in prison and probation, for the hit and run death of 18-year-old Tylek Bordeaux. Bordeaux’s family says they’re not satisfied with Newton’s sentence.

In January 2020, Bordeaux was walking southbound on US 421, when he was hit from behind by a car.  He died from his injuries after being transported to a hospital. Newton was charged with a hit and run and serious injury involving death. He pled guilty to those charges, and received his sentence on Monday.

Bordeaux’s father shared his thoughts about the outcome.

“They know it’s wrong, they wouldn’t want that for they kid, you wouldn’t wan’t that for your kid. So how,- –why am I supposed to accept this. What I supposed to expect out of any judgeship now, or any court of law,” said David Bordeax.

The sentence was set for Newton just five days after what would have been Tylek Bordeaux’s 21st birthday.

Bordeaux remembers his son as an athletic and optimistic teen, with a promising future.

“Smile ear-to-ear, cheesing, Cheshire cat, I mean a clown. I mean, –it’s just he was amazing. He was just an amazing kid, and didn’t get in any trouble or nothing and then to get his life taken away, come on man that’s a hard pill to swallow for any parent,” said Bordeaux.

Bordeaux said he is still seeking justice for Tylek, unsatisfied with Newton’s sentence.

“I know you can’t put a time on how much time he should’ve get, but 30 days, –that’s just a slap in the face. I think the best thing I’m doing right now is trying to tell the story, just so it won’t happen to somebody else kid. I mean, it just ain’t all in my mind, that’s senseless for a person to have a kid and they get killed, and you’re going to give this man 30 days, and he knows he did it, –where’s the justice at,” said Bordeaux.

DeAnglo Newton began his 30 day sentence yesterday, and will have 36 months of supervised probation.


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