Virginia town fines trick-or-treaters 14 and older with $250 fine

CHESAPEAKE, VA (CNN) — A town in Virginia is cracking down on over-aged trick-or-treaters.

Chesapeake is banning anyone over the age of 14 from trick-or-treating. The law was introduced in 1970 after a violent Halloween in 1968.

Under the original ordinance, people 12 and over couldn’t trick-or-treat and faced jail time for doing so. After late-night host Jimmy Kimmel mocked the restriction last year, the city changed the ordinance raising the age to 14 and only charging a fine of $250 for breaking the law.

Anyone who trick-or-treats after 8 p.m. is also considered guilty of the same crime. According to CNN, in the past 49 years, Chesapeake has not jailed, fined, or arrested a single person for trick-or-treating.

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