WATCH: Dramatic high-water rescue, man saved from stranded SUV

SAN ANTONIO, TX (KENS) — San Antonio firefighters rescued a driver who was stuck on top of an SUV in high, rapid waters on the city’s west side Monday morning.

The incident happened on Pinn Road near Highway 151.

The young man, who was on his way to work, ended up stranded on top of his SUV for 45 minutes.

Firefighters attempted to extend a unit ladder to the young man.

The first ladder was too short and firefighters resorted to another unit with a longer ladder.

The second attempt from a truck with a longer ladder also proved to be too short and firefighters then attached a standard blemished ladder which allowed them to reach the vehicle.

A firefighter climbed across and handed the victim a life jacket.

The driver was able to climb the ladder across to safety.

Police said the man won’t face any charges in light of the fact there were no barricades blocking the road.

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