Water restrictions continue as waterline repair progresses

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Water restrictions are still in effect for Cape Fear Public Utility Authority customers while a waterline remains broken.

While the community has conserved a good amount of water in the last week, officials still need a bigger cutback.

Repairs to the broken 48″ raw waterline are making progress.

Crews with CFPUA are constructing a waterline bypass to allow the water to continue flowing while they continue working.

“The goal with the bypass is that we’re going to be able to redirect water around the break,” CFPUA spokesman Mike McGill said. “Once that bypass is constructed, and it will take days, we’ll be able to direct the water around the break and then the permanent repair on the break can occur.”

McGill says that the water is still running through the broken line, totalling to 12.5 million gallons of lost water per day.

The problem is that crews are working in conditions that are making it difficult to do their job.

These difficult conditions include thick and muddy soil and rows of trees that needed to be removed in order to do the project.

McGill says the bypass line needs to be in place and operational for a period of time after it’s fixed before they can feel confident enough to lift the restrictions. That’s where you can help.

“Well the biggest thing that someone can do is restrict their use of water. No water outside and cutting use in home by a third.” McGill said.

The mandatory water restrictions will continue for all CFPUA customers into the first part of next week. For updates on the water restrictions and repairs, you can visit their website at www.cfpua.org.

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