Wilmington beekeeper talks new apiary, success of beekeeping classes

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Susan Warwick, coordinator for the New Hanover County Beekeepers Association Bee School, is raising awareness about the crucial role bees play in the environment.

Warwick began her beekeeping journey 11 years ago by taking a beginner bee school course and was fascinated by what she learned. “Bees are so important because of the pollination that they provide,” Warwick said. “Bees don’t know it when they’re pollinating. They’re actually collecting pollen as their protein source and nectar would be their carbohydrate.”

Last year, Warwick helped rescue a bee hive from a dead tree in Wilmington and relocated the bees to the Halyburton Park apiary. The apiary is now open to the public, but visitors are encouraged to give the bees space.

The New Hanover County Beekeeping School is currently filled to capacity with 36 students learning over two weeks, but there are other courses and classes available with other counties.

Warwick believes that seeing the bees firsthand helps people develop a better respect for the tiny pollinators. “I think when people can actually see something, they, you know, appreciate it more and actually learn about it easier,” Warwick said.

You can learn more about the New Hanover County Beekeeper’s Association here.

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