Wilmington creator talks about release of ‘Outer Banks’ on Netflix

​WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–The Netflix Original series ‘Outer Banks’ premiered on Wednesday. The creator and writer of the show Jonas Pate resides in Wilmington.

Pate was looking for a show to create in the Carolinas that would allow him to move closer to home. Now, two and half years later the Raeford, NC native is living in the Cape Fear. Pate, his brother josh, and partner Shannon Burke came together to produce the new Netflix series ‘Outer Banks’.

“We actually made a little fake trailer of our own that we shot down in Wrightsville Beach, with a bunch of kids from our neighborhood playing the character in this fake trailer,”said Pate. “We put a pitch together and we sold it to Netflix a little more than a year and half ago. Then, we wrote all the scripts last winter and shot it this summer.”

The coming of age drama series follows a tight-knit group of local teens in North Carolina as they hunt for a legendary treasure buried in the waters along the Carolina coastline. The series is already trending on Netflix on day one, it has many people wondering if there will be a season two in store.

“Believe it or not were far down the road even on season two,”says Pate. “We’ve started writing season two, we’ve already had production meetings about season two.”

Season one was filmed in Charleston, South Carolina. If the approval is granted by Netflix the production for season two will likely take off soon. It doesn’t look like any of that season will be filmed in Wilmington, even though the creators would like for it to be.

“Unfortunately there’s one tiny bit of HB-2 that doesn’t roll off the book until December of this year,”said Pate. “So, until that’s gone, Netflix rightfully is not going to let us shoot in North Carolina.”

The completed season one and release has Pate and his partners feeling a sense of pride none the less.

“It feels pretty satisfying to have it now come out, for sure.”

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