Wilmington Police discuss pedestrian safety

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– Several deadly incidents involving pedestrians have happened over the last six days.   

WWAY has reported three pedestrian related deaths since last Tuesday in New Hanover County.   

The Greater Wilmington Area is consistently ranked among the most dangerous regions in North Carolina for bicycle and pedestrian safety based on collisions with motor vehicles, according to the Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.  

Lieutenant Greg Willett with Wilmington Police offers some advice when you do find yourself crossing the street.   

“Don’t assume that somebody sees you,” said Willett. “Always look twice, and actually the best thing to do is if you are crossing a crosswalk, is look at the driver and make eye contact with the driver so you know that they see you.” 

Willett also says if you are walking on a sidewalk or on the edge of the road to always walk against traffic. And if you are walking at night, wear light colored clothing along with a reflective vest so drivers can see you.   

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