Winston-Salem fire chief: Threat for explosion at fertilizer plant “greatly diminished”

Thousands Flee Homes Near N. Carolina Fertilizer Plant Fire

Photo: Allison Lee Isley -The Winston-Salem Journal

In wake of fear of the potentially explosive Weaver fertilizer plant in Winston Salem, Chief William “Trey” Mayo announced today that because the building was constructed in the 1940’s, when there was no code enforcement in the county, it was not equipped with fire sprinklers.

Mayor Pro-Tempore “DD” Adams stated that the community was in a panic due to the threat of explosion and having to evacuate the surrounding areas.

“We have been traumatized enough with COVID. Now my constituents are traumatized with this fertilizer fire. They don’t feel safe. They’re anxious, they’re nervous. They don’t know when some of them are coming back home and the hotel bills are killing ’em because most of everyone lives from paycheck to check.”

Fire Chief William Mayo acknowledged the communities distress and agreed that he also wants everyone home and safe.

“We want to do some more air sanding. Before we start pulling that evacuation radius back,” he continued, “Y all feel safest at home. That’s where we want to be. We recognize that and we want you to get back as quickly as possible.”

Yesterday, an ammonium nitrate expert came to evaluate the situation and the severity of the threat. The expert assured the fire chief that he had taken the correct steps in keeping his community safe from any potential explosion.

As of now, it has been said that the worry about the threat of an explosion has been “greatly diminished”. Professionals and experts in the area are still taking safety precautions to try and handle the situation as timely as possible, with hopes to bring the community back home safely.

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