Woman accused of shooting older boyfriend claims self-defense, files restraining order

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The suspect in a shooting is speaking out saying she is the victim. Today a judge approved her restraining order against the boyfriend she allegedly shot.

Wilmington Police say they responded to the 100 block of Montgomery Avenue around 11:30 p.m. on June 23, about a 72-year-old man who had been shot in the groin area. Police say Lacey Felton, 27, called 911 from the 400 block of Racine Drive and reported she shot her boyfriend.

“That’s not me, and I’m not going to be what everybody on social media makes me out to be,” Felton said. “I just wanted justice for my side as well.”

Felton says the man and her had a relationship for nearly 5 years. She claims what happened that night was in her own self-defense.

“I just remember seeing stars from my head being pounded and pounded and pounded,” said Felton. “I thought maybe that my life would end, and I guess it was like the heat of the moment and I didn’t know how else to protect myself.”

Felton says in early March a similar incident happened. She says she called Wilmington police and showed WWAY’s Andrew James an incident report of the alleged assault. Friday a judge approved her restraining order on the shooting victim.

“I’m sorry that it happened, if I could go back in time and turn it all around I would,” said Felton. “But it is what it is now and I just hope that he never puts his hands on another female again.”

WWAY reached out to the victim to hear his side of the story, but our calls were not returned. Felton also claims that she tried to show police she had been assaulted. She says the officers disregarded her injuries and continued to arrest her for the shooting. We asked Wilmington Police about her claims and received this response:

“Once the investigation is completed it is turned over to the DA’s office for prosecution. We are not able to comment any further at this time.”

Felton has another court date set for next week related to the felony assault with a deadly weapon charges from WPD. Felton says she has filed charges agains the shooting victim now. We will follow up with WPD, but Felton says he is charged with assault on a female and communicating threats.

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