Woman arrested after attempted robbery in Holden Beach

Lacey Leanne McElveen (Photo: BCSO)

HOLDEN BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A woman has been arrested in Brunswick County after trying to grab a customer’s bag while she was leaving the bank.

She assaulted and attempted to steal, take and carry away another person’s personal property and $130.00 in cash.

The woman, Lacey Leanne Mcelveen, 41, also tried to use a stolen debit card at the ATM.

She attempted to elude a law enforcement officer while they were attempting to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle that she was driving.

At the time of the violation, Mcelveen was going 15+ over the speed limit and driving recklessly while having her license revoked.

She then assaulted the officer with a rental box truck, which is considered a deadly weapon.

She rammed the box truck into the front of the officer’s patrol car.

She is now being held in the Brunswick County Jail.

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