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Wilmington Police responding to threat of violence near city hall

Wilmington Police are responding to a 911 call over a threat of violence near Wilmington City Hall Wednesday morning. 

Man wearing body armor with loaded gun arrested in Chicago

A man with a loaded handgun, wearing a bullet proof vest and carrying a bag of SWAT equipment authorities believe was stolen from New York City police has been arrested at Chicago's busiest train station.

Fewer crimes reported in NC schools

Schools throughout North Carolina reported fewer crimes during the 2016-17 school year, continuing a long-term trend.
Noose discovered in high school bathroom

Paper towel noose found in North Carolina high school bathroom

A noose was found inside a bathroom in a North Carolina high school. The school system says they know who did it and disciplinary action was taken.

‘Culture of Violence’: 17 homicides in Wilmington so far this year

Wilmington Police say 17 people have been murdered. They say while some of these incidents are random acts of violence, others are planned over time.

Community holds event to help stop violence and crime

Bringing communities together is a positive but even through the fun, this event focused on a common issue many neighborhoods face.

Attorney calls for Georgia officers to be criminally charged

An attorney is calling for the two Georgia police officers who were fired after being caught on camera having a violent confrontation with a motorist to face criminal charges.

New Orleans Police say shooting leaves 1 dead, 9 injured

New Orleans Police say one man is dead and nine others injured following a shooting in the French Quarter.

Wilmington community leaders react to Charlotte shooting, protests

The shooting and protests in Charlotte are causing lots of reaction across the state including in Wilmington.

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