Woman gets absentee voter registration materials in mail for dead husband

MATTHEWS, NC (WSOC) — Election Day is three months away and because of the pandemic, mail-in ballots and voter fraud have become a hot topic.

Debbie McSwain, of Matthews, said she got an absentee voter registration in the mail for her husband, who died in 2000.

They were married for 30 years.

“I got this in the mail yesterday,” McSwain said. “It is a letter to my husband, who is deceased.”

The letter is from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and in it are all the materials someone would need to register to vote.

“So, then I thought this is just a prime opportunity for voter fraud,” she said. “I could fill it out and sign his name, send it in. He would go back on the books and then somebody could go vote for him.”

Channel 9 contacted the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee about the mistake but didn’t get a clear reason how it happened.

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