Rape kits of women found dead in Lumberton sat untested for more than a year

Christina Bennett, Rhonda Jones and Megan Oxendine were all found dead in Lumberton in 2017.

LUMBERTON, N.C. (WNCN) – In a stunning development, CBS 17 has learned the rape kits of three women found dead in Lumberton sat untested in the police department for a year and eight months.

In April 2017, Christina Bennett’s body was found naked inside a television cabinet in an abandoned home in East Lumberton.

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That same day Rhonda Jones was found across the street naked and upside down in a trash can.

The following day, Megan Oxendine spoke to CBS 17 for a television interview.

In June 2017, she was also found dead in the same neighborhood.

According to their autopsy reports, evidence was collected from their bodies.

But, the Lumberton Police Department has not answered CBS 17’s questions regarding the case including whether the evidence has been tested by the state crime lab.

The North Carolina Department of Justice oversees the lab.

CBS 17 requested the same information from the NCDOJ and learned the specifics about when samples were received by the lab, tested and the results returned to Lumberton police.

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