Brunswick County Commission passes Second Amendment sanctuary resolution


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Several counties across North Carolina have recently taken steps to protect gun rights, and Brunswick County followed suit Monday night, passing a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution.

Gun rights activists say it makes them feel safer knowing their leaders want to protect their rights. Other believe it’s an unnecessary symbolic gesture.

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“My right to protect myself and my family shall not be infringed,” said Brunswick County resident Mary Ann McCarthy.

“We don’t believe that we need to have a sanctuary to bring in more guns,” said Brunswick County NAACP President Carl Parker.

Dozens voiced their opinions as commissioners voted on a resolution declaring the county a constitutional protected rights county.

The new resolution reaffirms a similar resolution passed seven years ago and says the board opposes efforts to unconstitutionally restrict Second Amendment rights.

Some argued firearms have evolved too drastically since the amendment was ratified in 1791.

“They were loading their guns with muskets and powder, balls,” Parker said. “Now we have assault weapons that will shoot anywhere between 50 to 60 rounds a minute.”

Other argued the board should be focusing on different issues.

“Why can’t you have a resolution against offshore drilling and against seismic blasting?” asked attendee Martha Johnson. “If you can do one for this, you can do one for that, because that impacts even more people.”

In the end, commissioners voted unanimously to pass the resolution, to the disappointment of some and delight of others.

“I feel like I’m going to probably sleep a little bit better tonight than they are,” said NRA member Debra Jensen.

Bladen and Columbus Counties passed similar resolutions earlier this month and there are petitions for New Hanover and Pender Counties to consider one as well.

Click here for the full agenda from Monday night’s meeting.