Soaring temperatures leave many searching for ways to beat the heat


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Today was one of the hottest days of summer so far, with feel like temperatures as high as 110 degrees.

Enjoying time outside is an important part of summer for many people, but when temperatures reach dangerous levels like today, it’s also important to stay safe from the scorching heat.

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“It’s way too hot for us,” Wrightsville Beach visitor Sharon Whitt said. “Sitting outside or doing anything, even at the pool. This is a lot better here.”

Whitt is from Danville, Virginia, but spends part of her time at Wrightsville Beach. She says heading to the coast is always a good option when temperatures soar.

“There’s a nice breeze blowing today, and we walked early this morning,” Whitt added. “The water’s nice, so it’s not too bad down here. It’s a whole lot warmer on land than it is down here by the water.”

Fencing worker Gary Gurganious experienced those warmer temperatures first hand this afternoon, saying it’s some of the hottest work he’s ever done.

“I actually work in a kitchen,” Gurganious said. “That’s my real profession. And the heat difference is way different. The heat inside a kitchen is not nothing like the sun’s heat. It’s a scorcher out here.”

Across town, Bethany Benenati and her family took on the heat by heading to the ‘splashpad’ at Long Leaf Park to cool down under the water.

“This is our first time here this summer, coming down to Splashpad,” Benenati said. “We’ve been wanting to get down here. We know it’s beautiful and always well kept.”

Caleb Benenati and his brother Asher say they found several fun ways to enjoy the water park.

“I really like the part with the water spraying down and you could go inside, with water spraying around you,” Benenati said. “‘Yeah, I like that part.'”