Animal rescue pets pick Washington NFL team name ahead of announcement

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Animal rescue pets pick new name of Washington Football team (Photo: WUSA/CBS News)

FAIRFAX, VA — His name was Tiny, and he was just that. The runt of the litter, and the sweetest of kittens that stole my heart seconds after I walked into the door at Wolf Trap Animal Rescue in Fairfax, Virginia. He was one of four kittens with a very special task of giving us their most educated guesses for the new name of the Washington Football Team.

We put out bowls of food for the kittens, and each food bowl was labeled with the four most popular team names among fans. One was Commanders, the next Red Hogs, then Armada/Brigade, followed by Admirals.

Daisy, the all grey feline, headed straight to the bowl labeled with Commanders. Nubbie, the orange kitten with a shorter tail, followed suit. Mighty, the litter’s slightly larger kitten, wasn’t so sure while Tiny had no intention of making a selection. But, Mighty eventually went to Armada/Brigade because Nubbie ate all of the food in the Commanders bowl.

Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that Tiny is a Cowboys fan, so he simply chose to stay out of it all.

The puppies at Wolf Trap were much more decisive. Dave, who was perhaps one of the friendliest pups, ran right to Commanders, while Sony was set on Red Hogs. But Sherri and Jessie also liked Commanders right out of the gate. When the food ran out, it’s safe to say Red Hogs was a solid second.

Then it was a play time, and these puppies love to play. They have a huge play area with toys and space to run around. They have all been rescued and now hope to find their forever homes.

Jenny Campanilla is the Adoption Coordinator at Wolf Trap Animal Rescue, and she felt pretty good about these animals’ picks for Washington’s next team name.

“I think they are pretty accurate, considering they both pretty much came to the same consensus,” She said.

She’s not wrong! Commanders and Red Hogs were the overwhelming favorites with these adorable animals.

On February 2, 2022 we will find out Washington’s new name, and see if these furry friends have a good intuition. No matter right or wrong, these eight animals are all winners with us, and are available for adoption!

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