As ice builds around the Cape Fear, so does concern of slip and fall injuries

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Accidents on the roadways aren’t the only concern this evening. Many around the Cape Fear are also worried about the possibility of slip and fall injuries.

But Meredith Spell with Novant New Hanover Regional Medical Center has some advice about how to limit the possibility of an injury.

“Try and walk like a penguin,” Spell said. “They’re the experts. Take small, short steps and have your toes pointed out in a ‘v’.”

Spell says if you go out and do experience a fall there is a correct way to go about it.

“Make sure you try and fall on your side, if possible,” Spell said. “You want to protect your head. Obviously, it would not be great if you broke your wrist. But it’s better to break your wrist than to hit your head on the ground.”

Doctor Claude Jarrett with Wilmington Health says most falls result in just sprains and bruises, but that some slips can result in far worse outcomes.

“For most patients they can actually bounce back fairly quickly,” Jarrett said. “Within a few weeks of the right immobilization, the right treatment, they can actually feel more like themselves. But more severe injuries such as fractures, it can actually take several months before patients really bounce back.”

Dr. Jarrett says conditions should improve Saturday morning. But that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down even if the sun comes out.

“Be very careful of inclines, declines, staircases,” Jarrett advised. “Areas in your yard that are a little bit shadier.”

Meredith Spell says we aren’t used to seeing weather like this, but is optimistic everyone will get through the icy scenario without injury.

“Hopefully this is short lived and we can stay inside for a day or so and enjoy the warmth inside,” Spell said.

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