Autumn means it is time to move your workout indoors

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Fall temperatures mean it is time to find ways to keep up with your exercise routine indoors.  Shawn Hill with Amplifly Cycle and Strength says that “moving your workout inside doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!”

Hill recommends three great ways to keep up your routine going through the cooler months:  cycling, Barre classes, and Tabata based strength training.

Cycling at places like Amplifly are more like a dance party and are good for all skill levels.  Hill says it is high energy, “but everyone can work at their own pace and still get a good workout.”

Barre classes are for men and women and are based in ballet.  Hill says it is a fun way to work on strength and flexibility and if you want to increase the challenge you can take a heated class.

Tabata based strength classes are circuit style with intense bursts of energy.  Hill says they are very effective.

If you are interested in keeping your workout going through the fall and winter months contact Shaun Hill by clicking here.

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