Better Business Bureau warns of fake COVID testing sites

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Not all testing sites are created equal.

The Better Business Bureau issued a warning about imitation COVID-19 testing sites that seem to be popping up all over the country.

With the rising demand for tests, mobile COVID-19 testing stations have become increasingly popular.  Health officials warn about these pop-up stations, however, stating that you could not only potentially be putting your money and personal data at risk, but your health as well. The scarce supply for tests has opened the door for bad actors who might not have your best interests in mind.

Health officials advise to be wary of handing out your financial and medical information to possible unauthorized testing stations to avoid identity theft, financial losses, and inaccurate or missing test results.

As states try their best to keep up their oversight, the Better Business Bureau recommends three things that can help you stay safe from scammers:

The first: Always do your research.

Check your local and state health departments websites to find authorized, no-cost COVID-19 testing sites in your area.

The second: Carefully review and read the fine print on any forms or documentation that you are asked to sign.

Scammers may assume that you will overlook terms and agreements that could put your information at risk.

The third: Watch out for look-alike websites.

Fraudsters may use fake sites that look credible and trustworthy, or even illegally use information from trusted companies to convince you of their authenticity.


And remember: You can request free COVID-19 at-home tests from the government here. 

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