Cape Fear Craft Beer Week kicks off with Ultimate Brewing Championship in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Tonight, more than a hundred people flocked to the Hannah Block Historic USO/Community Arts Center for the Ultimate Brewing Championship.

The Cape Fear Craft Beer Alliance hosted the event that consists of 18 brewers from local breweries all coming together, and letting the community decide who has the “ultimate” brew.

Cape Fear Craft Beer Alliance President Ellie Craig described how the ingredients are chosen, saying, “Each brewer this evening drafted two ingredients at our Chili Cook-off in January. No body knows whose ingredients are which, it’s a blind tasting here tonight. It’s a people’s choice award, so we’re letting our attendees decide who the winner of our championship belt is.”

Each brewer got to choose one ingredient, and then had to wait until everyone else chose theirs, then they got to choose their second ingredient.

There were a variety of brews with combinations such as:

  • Apple and Chamomile
  • Peach and Pecan
  • Yuzu and Cardamon
  • Cherry and Chai Tea
  • Blood Orange and Ginger
  • And many more!

The staff of each brewery came out on stage to introduce themselves to the crowd with a short “talent-show” like performance and each one thrilled the crowd.

Music played as people socialized, danced, and tried the wide variety of craft beers available.

Around 9 p.m., the unique craft beer creation that had the most votes got to take home the championship belt.

Broomtail Brewing won with their Raspberry Rose Sour Ale.

This sold-out event marks the beginning of Cape Fear Craft Beer Week, where many events will be happening around the Cape Fear involving local breweries.

Craig said this is her favorite event, because it is the one big kick-off party that brings the local brewing community together for a celebration.

“This is the event where we all really get to get together, drink some beers together, enjoy our craft, and it’s really just a friendly competition.”

For more information on the Cape Fear Craft Beer Alliance, click here. 

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