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Trump, Dems clash on boosting mail-in voting during pandemic

President Donald Trump and Democrats are bickering over how to provide voters with safe and secure access to a ballot

Military recruiting struggles as enlistment stations close

America's armed services are finding it harder to bring in new recruits as the worsening coronavirus forces families and communities to hunker down, even as the country turns increasingly to the military for help.

At funerals in virus outbreak, mourning is from a distance

Funerals are seeing big changes amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Hunt for medical supplies creates marketplace of desperation

Demand to get protective equipment for doctors and nurses is prompting states and hospitals to compete against themselves.

CSU predicts above average activity for 2020 hurricane season

As the world battles the coronavirus crisis, researchers are warning of a potentially active Atlantic Ocean hurricane season, which kicks off June 1 through the end of November.

Navy removes captain who raised alarm about coronavirus on aircraft carrier

The captain of an aircraft carrier hit by the coronavirus was relieved of his command by the Navy on Thursday for going outside the chain of command and circulating a memo pleading for help from Washington, one which quickly became public.

Counting on a stimulus check? Here’s what could affect how much money you get

Roughly 9 in 10 American households will soon receive a federal stimulus check to help them stay afloat financially during the recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic. But certain factors could affect how much you get, as well as how fast you receive payment.  

Ill-fated cruise ships awaiting approval to dock in Florida

Two ill-fated cruise ships were awaiting word about when the vessels would be allowed to dock at Fort Lauderdale's Port Everglades after a conditional agreement was reached between officials in South Florida and Carnival Cruise Line.

Social Security recipients will automatically get stimulus checks

The Treasury Department said late Wednesday that Americans on Social Security will not be required to file a "simple tax return" to receive a stimulus check from the U.S. government.

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