CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Water spout off Florida coast

Water Spout
Water spout captured off Destin, Florida on August 16, 2022 (Photo Courtesy: Boo Freeman/CBS)

DESTIN, FL (CBS) — Video captures what appears to be a water spout or tornado off the waters of Henderson Beach in Destin, Florida.

The video was captured during a Sunrise Beach Service at the Silver Shells Beach Spa & Resort at 5:49 AM on Tuesday.

According to the Morning Meteorologist at WECP/WJHG, Ryan Michaels, there was a powerful looking waterspout that developed off the coast of Fort Walton Beach and Destin between roughly 5:50am and 6:20am. It remained offshore and was not a threat to move onshore at any time.

No damage was reported.

Since the storm developed over water and at a far distance from radar, there’s no estimation of winds. Storms that diminished in Southern Alabama last night were still able to carry a little energy down to the Gulf, and once that wave interacted with the warm waters of the Gulf and westerly winds across the Gulf, storms ignited and developed a large waterspout.

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