CFPUA board members are disappointed they didn’t know about GenX sooner

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Cape Fear Public Utility Authority customers want answers about GenX and it’s possible contamination of our drinking water, but CFPUA board chairman Mike Brown would not answer the tough questions and even took off his microphone.

“I agreed to one comment, I never agreed to an interview and I’ve got things to do and I need to get going,” Brown said.

We wanted to know why he kept the reports of Gen-X from members of the CFPUA board for more than six months.

The only thing he would say is how CFPUA and the board are trying to work with Chemours.

“They are responsible for the compounds they put in the water. The regulators are responsible, and when I say regulators I mean EPA and DQ for regulating those compounds.”

Board member Patricia Kusek was blind sided about GenX. She says she’s disappointed she did not know about the problem until after the Star News broke the story.

“I’m an information person and by all means I believe that the sooner we have more information the better decisions we can make and I was a little stunned that a report like that had gone on and that there had been no mention made to the board,” Kusek said.

She also felt it was wrong for the board to approve a 2.05-percent rate increase at this time.

“I feel like we are in some uncharted territory here with the issues that have come up in the last week to 10 days with our Chemours issue and our water and I just felt like it was not a good time for us to ask customers who are already concerned about the water they are drinking to pay more for it,” Kusek said.

There will be a closed meeting Thursday with Chemours about drinking water safety. The CFPUA board is scheduled to hold a special meeting on Gen-X Friday.

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