Changes coming to phone area codes, but existing customers can keep their 910 phone number

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WWAY) — The North Carolina Utilities Commission is planning to implement a new area code, but existing customers can keep their 910 phone number.

Beginning October 7, 2022, customers in the 910 area code overlay region may be assigned a number in the new 472 area code when they request new service or an additional line.

The North Carolina Utilities Commission (Commission), by Order dated June 25, 2021, approved implementation of a new area code overlay to provide relief for the 910 Numbering Plan Area that serves the southeastern area of North Carolina.

The new 472 area code will overlay the existing 910 area code and will serve the same geographic area but will not require current 910 phone numbers to change.

According to the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA), the remaining supply of available new telephone numbers in the 910 area code is estimated to be exhausted in late 2022. After all available 910 area code numbers are completely exhausted, assignment of new numbers using the 472 area code will begin.

Customers receiving a 472 area code will be required to dial the area code and phone number for all local calls, just as customers with telephone numbers from the 910 area code do today.

Tips to prepare for the eventual start of the new 472 area code include:

· Checking devices to verify that area codes are included with all stored numbers.

· Continuing to program/save/store phone numbers to all devices using the full 10-digit telephone number (three digit area code plus seven digit telephone number).

· Verifying that all services and equipment – such as automatic dialers, life-safety and medical alert systems, alarm/security systems and security gates, call forwarding settings and voicemail services – recognize the new 472 area code as a valid phone number.

Customers have or will receive more detailed information in notices from their local telecommunications providers.

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