Defamation suit from local Roy Moore accuser could target Moore supporters as well

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – A record voter turnout had all eyes on Alabama Tuesday night. It appears the Roy Moore will not head to the U.S. Senate.

We spoke to the attorney representing a local woman who accused Moore of sexual misconduct when she was a teen. The race caught national attention when The Washington Post published those women’s stories of alleged misconduct by Roy Moore.

One of them is a woman who calls New Hanover County home.

“Even though she is a registered Republican she was extremely excited,” said Paula Cobia who represents Gloria Deason.

Deason was one of the women who initially said Roy Moore tried to date her when she was a teenager.

“Naturally she was delighted because we know now that the story was believed by a certain percentage of the populous here,” Cobia said in a phone interview to WWAY’s Andrew James.

It’s unclear if those stories were what drove people to the polls. There’s no doubting that voters were motivated as Alabama’s Secretary of State reports the special election turnout surpassed even general election numbers .

“It was not just an election to elect a Senator,” Cobia said. “It was a referendum on morality and decency.”

Results withstanding or not, Cobia says she and Deason will continue what they started.

“I’ll be seeking legal representation for Gloria and for myself on that front and that was always the plan regardless of whether he won or loss,” said Cobia.

Deason’s defamation suit against Moore stems from the candidate accusing her of lying and saying the accusations are politically motivated. They will not stop at Moore either according to Cobia.

“But it will not just be Moore it will be against his wife Kayla, who is representing the Moore Foundation,” Cobia said. “Which holds millions of dollars that he solicits from these unfortunate people who choose to follow him..and others and Steve Bannon he did the same thing.”

The Moore campaign has yet to concede the election to Democrat Doug Jones. The Secretary of State could request write in and absentee ballots be re-counted by early next week.

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