FBI investigating noise that caused panic at NC mall

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – North Carolina police have asked the FBI to analyze a noise that caused mass panic at a Raleigh mall last weekend.

The Raleigh Police Department said in a news release Thursday that it hasn’t found any indication the noise was a gunshot, as witnesses described. But it also hasn’t been able to rule out the possibility.

A recording of the noise from Saturday has been sent to an FBI lab for analysis, but it’s not clear when the testing will be complete.

Investigators have reviewed video from the mall, canvassed each store and examined ceiling holes that turned out not to be bullet holes. The police chief has said no shell casings were found.

Investigators have interviewed people who called 911 to report seeing a gun or someone who appeared to have fired a shot.

“That follow-up has caused the reported sightings to be ruled out as being related to the sound that was heard,” the news release said.

The reports prompted a massive police response as panicked shoppers ran for the doors or hid in stores until authorities got the situation under control. Video posted on social media sites shows dozens of people stampeding out of Crabtree Valley Mall as numerous screams were heard.

Eight people suffered minor injuries in the rush to leave the mall.

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