Finding a cool place in record heat

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Record heat in southeastern North Carolina today sent folks looking for a way to cool off. It was balmy and downright miserable outside Tuesday.

From the water park at Jungle Rapids to ice skating at the Icehouse folks found all kinds of ways to keep themselves cool!

“Just getting out here and enjoying what this place has to offer,” said Scott Bell. He was visiting from High Point but as a football coach this weather didn’t bother him. For folks working outside in the heat today though the high temperatures hit hard.

“It’s rough you’ve gotta stay hydrated and drink a lot of water,” said Glenn Moore.

Moore is a Jungle Rapids employee. He said they encouraged employees to take lots of breaks, seek shade if they needed it, and of course keep the water flowing.

On board the USS North Carolina folks were braving the heat to learn a bit of history, even if their reason for coming to the ship wasn’t all learning related.

“I got burnt to a crisp yesterday at the beach, so um I could at least wear a shirt out here,” said Mark Miller.

The high temperatures continue tomorrow too, though it is expected to be a little cooler, staying out of the 100’s for the rest of the week.

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