Former police chief caught after faking his death held on $5 million bond, relatives arrested

COLUMBUS  (WWAY) — Former Chadbourn Police Chief Anthony Spivey is being held in a Bladen County facility, held under a $5 million bond.

In a press conference Friday, the Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene, Columbus County DA Jon David, and several law enforcement members described the days long search for Spivey, after his car was found with a suicide note in it, and his boat was found abandoned in the Lumber River.

Spivey’s bond hearing, after being charged with theft of drugs, guns, and money from the Chadbourn Police evidence locker and later, theft of catalytic converters was to be tried the day he disappeared.

Spivey was found Wednesday night in his relative, Brenda Rowele’s home in Loris, South Carolina, hiding in creek behind the home. The relatives who helped Spivey escape , Dean and Debbie Sasser were arrested and Friday each held on a $750 thousand dollar bond.

All in all, Spivey’s attempt to fake his own death cost tax payers $64,205. Spivey’s bond was set at $5 million Friday, and an obstruction of justice charge was added to his list.

According to Columbus County Sheriff’s Office, camera footage shows Spivey driving down a dirt road the day of his disappearance in the car he abandoned. 20 seconds later, his aunt, Debbie Sasser was seen following behind. Later on, her car stopped for gas at a nearby service station on the way home.

Columbus County DA Jon David says he and his office are making it their personal mission to make sure Spivey stays in legal custody, looking into the original bonds company Spivey used originally, and keeping the former police chief in Bladen County, away from Columbus County prisoners and law enforcement.

The Sheriff’s Office is not ruling out any other suspects who could have helped Spivey escape and hide. We’ll have more information on WWAY News at 5 and 6.

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