‘Four years too long, missing’: Remembering Ebonee Spears

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wednesday afternoon, more than a dozen people who are still looking for Ebonee Spears joined at the steps of City Hall in downtown Wilmington with signs like “Bring Ebonee Home,” “Holding on to hope” and “4 years to long missing.”

“For the Ebonee I know just wouldn’t walk away,” Harriet Rivers, Ebonee’s mother, said.

Rivers says she was always there for her daughter.

“When she found out she had lupus, she would have hard times,” Rivers said.”Whenever she did. She would call me and say ‘I need you to come I need you to do this.'”

Rivers says, the week Ebonee went missing, Ebonee called her mother to watch her daughter.

“If you’re going to think about your child enough to call your parents and say come get her so you can take care of her and then next few seconds you’re gone?” Rivers said.

Mary Bethea with the CUE Center for Missing Persons says the Spear’s family deserves answers.

“She went missing on the 600 block of Bess Street down here January 15, 2016 and its been four years too long and we are here to rally and say: ‘We are still looking for Ebonee and still supporting Ebonee’s family and we are not going to give up,” Bethea said.

Bethea says a public rally is the best way to get help for the Spear’s family.

Wednesday afternoon, more than a dozen people including CUE Center, family and friends joined in front of city hall. At the rally, her mother said a missing person’s prayer and her cousin, Councilman Kevin Spears, said a few words.

“We do hope and strive to have Ebonee home by the end of this year,” Bethea said.

Rivers says she wants authorities to dig deeper into this case and use advanced technology to help find Ebonee.

“How the judge has ordered release all the information on Jussie Smollet for someone who faked a crime…here we have a real crime,” Rivers said. “Why can’t we get a court order and do the same thing for Ebonee?”

Either way, Rivers says she’s not giving up.

“This is my only option to keep it out there. Keep it public and let people know ‘hey she is someone’s child and she is still missing.”

The family is asking anyone who knows any information on the disappearance of Ebonee to call the CUE Center’s 24 hour tip line or the Wilmington Police Department.

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