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10 shootings in two weeks: WPD ramps up patrols

Officers have investigated 10 shootings in the City of Wilmington in just the past two weeks. Now Wilmington Police are taking their case to the public.

It’s official! Newly-elected Kevin Spears takes seat on council

Kevin Spears now sits on the Wilmington City Council. 

Neil Anderson retains Wilmington City Council seat after recount

Neil Anderson will retain his seat on city council after a recount confirmed he defeated fellow incumbent Paul Lawler by five votes.

Wilmington City Council meets after tight race

Wilmington City Council held their first meeting post-election Wednesday night where they discussed a range of issues, including residential parking in the downtown area.

Community safety ranks among top priorities for Kevin Spears

There is a new face on Wilmington's City Council.

Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo holds onto seat, Kevin Spears joins city council

Longtime Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo faced a tight race on Tuesday night, but in the end, edged out newcomer Devon Scott to keep his seat.

Candidate ranks set for 2019 municipal elections

Three people arrived at the New Hanover County Board of Elections to put their bid in to run for local office before filing officially closed at noon Friday.

Shooting victim’s father talks activism, community effort to prevent violence

Wilmington Police are still investigating the shooting that left Spears's son injured. They say they are not sure why his son was shot.

Options expand for potential Williston High

Following several school board and one community meeting, the fate of Wilmington's Williston Middle School may change.

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