Friend on 911 call: UNCW professor Mike Adams ‘erratic’ weeks before death

NEW HANOVER COUNTY – A 911 reveals news details about a University of North Carolina Wilmington professor right before his body was found in his home on Thursday evening.

According to the 911 call released by New Hanover County Friday, a friend of UNCW professor Mike Adams called 911 for a welfare check Thursday afternoon. The friend said he was calling from outside Adams’ house with another one of their mutual friends.

Dispatcher: “Does he have any physical, medical, or mental conditions that we need to be aware of?

911 Caller: “Physical, not that we are aware of. Medical, that’s part of our concern. He’s been erratic in the last few weeks. Not erratic, dangerous.. just been under a lot of stress.”

The dispatcher asks if anyone has a key. The friend tells dispatch that if they told him to break in, he would do it, but said he did not think he should do that. Dispatch told him to wait for law enforcement.

911 Caller: “I don’t see him as a danger to anybody, so we’ll just stand outside.”

When law enforcement arrived, they found Adams’ body inside the home. The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is treating this as a death investigation.

The cause of death has not been released at this time.

Adams has been in the news for years for his controversial and sometimes racially charged statements and social media posts. He successfully sued UNCW over free speech protections, settling in 2014.

Last month, UNCW announced Adams would be retiring early, later revealing a $504,702.76 settlement to Adams for lost salary and lost retirement benefits. His retirement was set to take effect August 1.

While the cause of death has not yet been determined, many were shocked to hear of Adams’ passing.



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