Gov. Cooper reacts to District 9 voter fraud allegations

RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — Governor Roy Cooper vetoed elections legislation last Friday that would require a complete redo in the disputed District 9 U.S. House race if new balloting is determined necessary due to fraud.

“These allegations are disturbing,” Cooper said. “People deserve honest and fair elections, they deserve for their vote to count.”

The Governor says there is a potential that a lot of people’s votes did not count or was misrepresented in some way.

“That’s wrong,” he stated. “The Board of Elections has the authority to investigate and they should.”

Cooper maintains that if the State Board of Elections is able to prove voter fraud occurred, they should order a new election.

“I’m concerned right now about the newest bill on my desk because it includes provisions that make it harder for investigators and prosecutors to do their job, it makes the whole investigation process more secret when we actually need more light to shine on it,” Cooper said. “It is wrong for our state.”

The Governor says another reason why he vetoed the bill last Friday is because it could affect the investigation into voter fraud in District 9.

“Let’s provide prosecutors and investigators more tools to investigate these, lets shine more light on it to fix it and deter anybody else who might want to manipulate our democracy in this way,” he said. “I think people have got to have confidence that what they decide with their vote is what happens.”

The Governor’s vetoed bill has been returned to the General Assembly where an override vote is likely to take place late this week.

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