Gyms ready to welcome in the 2021 crowd with safety protocols in place

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–Moving into a new year comes with those New Year’s resolutions everyone always talks about. In 2021 more and more people will be looking to get into the gym and improve their health.

“We anticipate a lot of people are going to start venturing back out again and getting back into our gyms,” says O2 Fitness Area Fitness Director Jamie Eichler.

Local gyms across the Cape Fear say they’re ready for those people to come through their doors, but their health and safety protocols won’t change.

“We are welcoming people in with open arms like we always have,” says FitMo owner Anita Harrell. “We are continuing to be careful when people are here and limiting our class sizes.”

Some gyms have developed a rigorous cleaning schedule when it comes to keep their gyms as safe as possible.

“We close the gym for an hour everyday to do a medical disinfectant of the all the equipment and the entire gym,” says Eichler. “We require every member that comes in have their own disinfectant bottle. So, they can clean up after themselves. We also require masks throughout the entire workout.”

Most gyms expect the uptick in crowds to not be a problem, but a lot has changed since the last time some of these people were in a public gym.

“We do anticipate some members as they come back in that maybe haven’t been out or have been in other locations with maybe slightly more lax codes that they might have some challenges with it at first,” Eichler says. “But it seems that once everybody gets used to it and notices that all the other members are adhering to those they seem to be pretty happy.”

Harrell says she hopes some of those returning to the gym next year may be looking at their health more and more when it comes to seeing the bigger picture.

“You know January always brings about resolutions, but hopefully this year people are doing it for a different reason and really doing it for their health,” said Harrell. “Because we’re seeing more and more that people who exercise, people that are more healthy their immune systems are a little bit higher.”

A handful of gyms across the Cape Fear are operating at a reduced capacity with many of them cutting on their group trainings. You will need to call the gym ahead of time to see what they are offering heading into 2021.

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