Humpday Health: Fit Forever class gets people moving at any age

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Age is nothing but a number and the folks in the Fit Forever class over at Gold’s Gym are proving that week after week as they push themselves to achieve new goals over the age of fifty.

“This class is called Fit Forever, which means anyone is welcome no matter what their age is,” said instructor Ellen Longenecker.

It’s a full house for the class as people prove that getting older doesn’t mean slowing down.

“We do cardio, weights and balance, everything. She does every part of your body,” said Joann Savino.

Longenecker said as our bodies age we don’t use as many muscles as we used to.

“We don’t practice our balance and things like that. So this class targets all the muscle groups, helps them be stronger to function and works on their core. So it really is all about how they function,” said Longenecker.

The fast paced variety of the class keeps people coming back for more.

“I started a year ago, it was my New Year’s Resolution in 2016,” said Jackie Anderson.

Longenecker said no matter your fitness level, fit forever can get you moving.

“It’s not about how old you are or what you can do, it’s about how you function in life,” Longenecker said.

The members appreciate a class targeted toward them and their needs.

“Well courses that are for younger people tend to have a lot more impact and things like that that are not good for joints and bones,” said Anderson.

“Right, people who have problems with their knees, their back, she works with all of it, your shoulders,” said Savino.

And it’s not only a great workout.

“I found it fulfilling to make friends here. It’s a very social group. We do luncheons and things like that so there’s that social aspect to it as well as the fitness,” Anderson said.

This group is showing us it’s never too late to take control of your health and feel great.

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