Jimmy’s Wrightsville Beach owner takes fall on ice, holds contest for best caption

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The owner of Jimmy’s Wrightsville Beach is putting his pride aside and showing the world his intense fall on the ice in Wilmington over the weekend.

Jimmy Gilleece captured the moment on his Ring doorbell camera and posted it online to generate captions for a price.

In the video, you see he falls right down the stairs. His dogs then follow him out as he lays on the ground. Then, he falls again going back up the stairs. He is being a really good sport about the whole thing.

“Physically, I’m probably about a 5. I’m sore. My pride is about a -10 but if we can laugh at it, let’s laugh at it,” Gilleece said. “We like having fun and laughing and comedy and stuff like that. So this goes along with that. You know this one has probably taken more than any other one. I think last time I checked its at 10 tousand views and voer 300 comments, and they are all hilarious.”

If you know Jimmy, you know he does a lot for the community. He laughed about this and is making light of the situation. Now, he wants you to help him caption the video for prize. He is going to give away a sweatshirt and a gift card to the winner. Gilleece said he is also going to give away some prizes to some of the other top captions sent in.

Gilleece is known pretty well around the area for all he does for the community including his big bike drive he does for area kids every year around the holidays.

And we are very glad he is okay after that fall.

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