Keeping pets safe during holiday meals

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — All the rich, delicious foods we enjoy during the holidays can prove to be tummy trouble– or worse– for our pets.

Stephen Watson, Animal Services Supervisor with New Hanover County Animal Control, has suggestions for keeping pets safe and healthy during holiday meal times.

Watson says, while it’s tempting to give a meat or poultry bone to a pet, those can splinter and actually cause an emergency room visit.

Watson advises keeping candy, especially chocolate, away from areas where a pet has access.

He also says xylitol is toxic to pets, so be sure to check food labels before giving human food to a pet.

Veterinarians say other foods to avoid include grapes, citrus fruits, nuts, and fruits that include pits such as cherries and peaches.

Watson also cautions against giving a pet high-fat table scraps, which could lead to stomach discomfort and a host of other health problems.


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