Man holds on to boat for two hours after capsizing off Oak Island

A boat capsized offshore of Oak Island Thursday morning (Photo: Bill Davenport)

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — Large waves from Hurricane Fiona caused a boat to capsize early this morning near Oak Island.

According to the Oak Island Water Rescue, the incident occurred around 9:30 am, a few hundred yards offshore.

Crews say reports came in about the flipped boat being spotted with a person holding onto it.

The Oak Island Water Rescue sent boat 4490 to launch from Blue Water Point Marina and boat 4491 to the beachfront.

Crews say the waves were brutal, running a constant four to six feet with some as high as eight or more feet, making boating, and rescuing, extremely dangerous and challenging.

Boats 4490 and 4491 arrived at the overturned boat at almost the same time and the victim was already on another fishing boat, having been picked up minutes prior by good Samaritans.

Water Rescue says the man was exhausted and said he had been holding on for over 2 hours.

Oak Island Water Rescue says boaters must check conditions before venturing out, and know their own limits and the limits of their craft.

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