Mason Richardson’s mother says justice has been given following murder conviction

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The man behind the wheel that crashed into a family killing a small child will spend years now behind bars.

Jonathan Alexander Hayes will face upwards to 19 years in prison.

“My heart is still broken. I’m going to continue to honor my baby, but we today got justice for Mason,” said Mason Richardson’s mother Alexandria Williams.

Williams does not have the chance to see her baby grow up. Instead she gets to see the man accused of killing her child face a jury and their verdict.

“Today was state versus Jonathan Hayes in that courtroom, but for us it was always about giving Mason his day in court,” said District Attorney Ben David.

Mason Richardson was two-years-old when he died in that car crash. Authorities say Hayes was overdosing and revived with Narcan at the crash scene.

“In sixty seconds, my life changed,” said Williams. “I am more than grateful for everything that occurred today and I’m happy with the outcome.”

Hayes has been convicted of 2nd degree murder in the deadly crash.

“I can just be an advocated for Mason and being an advocate for DWI’s and drunk driving all of those types of things,” said Williams. “That right there is something positive I want to do with my loss. I want to do something positive with that for my Mason.”

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