NC girl deemed hero after great-grandmother has stroke while driving

ROCKY MOUNT, NC (WNCN) — Nakhia Silver is happy to be with her family.

This is all after a scare last Friday when her great-grandmother, Phyllis Blackwell, picked her up from her bus stop.

“She had turned the car around, and instead, she hit the stop sign,” the 7-year-old said. “She had her eyes closed, and she didn’t talk.”

Nahkia knew she had to act fast after her great-grandmother suffered a stroke.

First, putting the car in park, before running home to tell family.

“Sometimes I watch when my mom didn’t have a car, she used to drive my grandmother’s car, and I would be watching when she drives,” Nakhia said. “I was lucky that she had her foot on the pedal, because if she didn’t have her foot on the pedal, it wouldn’t work.”

Blackwell said she doesn’t remember much, but is thankful her great-granddaughter knew what to do.

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