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Concerns about coronavirus causing patients to delay seeking care

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to drag on, many health professionals are concerned about patients who have postponed seeking needed care out of fear of being exposed to others in hospitals who are being treated for COVID-19.

North Myrtle Beach man who had stroke on cruise dies, donates organs

The North Myrtle Beach man who suffered a stroke on a cruise died Saturday morning, but not before saving the lives of others.

NHRMC receives stroke center certification

New Hanover Regional Medical Center is growing their certifications to better help patients and assist those who have suffered a stroke.

28-year-old man suffers stroke from cracking his neck

An Oklahoma man tore an artery in his neck leading to his brain. The cause of the stroke? He popped his neck.

NC girl deemed hero after great-grandmother has stroke while driving

North Carolina woman was saved by great granddaughter after suffering a stroke while driving.

Humpday Health: May is Stroke Awareness Month

It's Stroke Awareness Month in the United States. Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the country, but in New Hanover County, it ranks third.

Humpday Health: 24/7 stroke treatment now available at NHRMC

Patients suffering from stroke and other cerebrovascular emergencies are now covered 24/7 in our area, after NHRMC expanded its endovascular stroke program.

May is Stroke Awareness Month: Learning the signs

Many people think that strokes are only a risk for older adults, but it can happen to anyone.

Bill Paxton died from stroke suffered after surgery

Bill Paxton's death certificate states the actor died last month from a stroke days after surgery to replace a heart valve and repair damage to his aorta.

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