NC Senate panel supports insurance mandate on mopeds

RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina lawmakers already have mandated mopeds get registered starting next month. Now they’re getting closer to requiring liability insurance on the small-engine bikes next year.

A Senate committee agreed Thursday with a House bill that would add the insurance requirement effective July 2016. Rep. Phil Shepard of Jacksonville says people traveling on mopeds should be held financially responsible for accidents they cause.

Shepard estimated the annual insurance premium will range from $90 to $380, depending on driving history. Mopeds are often an alternative for those who’ve lost driving privileges.

The bill next goes to the full Senate. It passed the House in April.

Moped registration starts this July 1 and will cost $18 annually. It’s unclear how many mopeds are in North Carolina because there hasn’t been registration before.

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