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New Hanover County 911 calls rerouted because of fiber cut

New Hanover County 911 calls are being rerouted to operators in Brunswick County because of a fiber cut, a spokeswoman says.

911 service restored after interruption across the Southeast

Service to 911 centers in North Carolina and throughout the Southeast was restored Thursday afternoon, according to telecommunications companies.

‘Mama! Mama!’: 3-year-old hailed a hero after 911 call helps mom

It's a 911 call that has Liberty County deputies calling a 3-year-old a hero.

Emergency 911 technology struggles to keep up with the times

High school students hiding from the gunman in Parkland, Florida, were forced to whisper in calls to 911 for fear of tipping off their location.

Ex-911 operator found guilty of hanging up on thousands of callers

A former 911 operator in Houston has been found guilty of hanging up on people calling for emergency services. Jurors on Wednesday found 44-year-old Crenshanda Williams guilty of interference with emergency telephone calls, a misdemeanor.

Should springing of US terrorism convicts alarm Americans?

Dozens of convicts serving time in U.S. prisons for terrorism-related offenses are due to be released in the next several years, raising the question whether that's something Americans should fear.

911 call for ride to Hooters ended with trip to Florida jail

A Florida man wanted to go to Hooters so badly that authorities say he told 911 dispatchers he needed a ride to the restaurant because his grandmother had just suffered a stroke in the parking lot.
Regina Ripa courtvideo

Wife called 911 hour before fatal shooting of Dean Ripa

"My husband is attacking me." That's one of the statements a caller made to 911 Saturday afternoon, an hour before Dean Ripa was shot and killed in his apartment above the Cape Fear Serpentarium.

Daughter of NYC cop killed in 9/11 attacks joins NYPD

The daughter of a New York Police Department officer killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks has been sworn in as a member of the force.

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