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FDA approves breakthrough medical device to treat ADHD in children

The FDA has just approved the first, non-drug medical device to treat ADHD in children.

Police: Parents find Adderall in girl’s Halloween candy

Police are investigating after the parents of an 8-year-old girl found four Adderall pills inside her bag of Halloween candy.

ADHD drugs safe for adults’ hearts, research finds

The biggest study of its kind says Ritalin and other drugs used to treat attention deficit disorder are safe for adults' hearts.

ONLY ON 3: ADHD patients struggling to fill Adderall prescription

video Many people with ADHD are having a hard time getting their prescription for Adderall filled. For about a month now, pharmacies have had very little to no supply of the drug. Some patients are turning to desperate measures to get a hold of the pills.

Study: ADHD drugs don’t raise heart risks for kids

Doctors say that Ritalin and similar medicines that millions of children and teens take to curb hyperactivity and boost attention do not raise their risk of serious heart problems.

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