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‘What is that, man?’ Navy confirms videos of flying objects

The U.S. Navy has confirmed the authenticity of three videos taken from its planes that show unidentified objects flying through the air.

Nevada desert towns prep for possible ‘Storm Area 51’ influx

Visitors descending on the remote Nevada desert for "Storm Area 51" are from Earth, not outer space.

Feds warn UFO enthusiasts against storming Area 51

They've got a plan to raid Area 51 and "see them aliens." But what will happen if they actually do it?

Newly-released DoD video purportedly shows Navy pilot’s encounter with UFO

A newly-released video which shows U.S. Navy pilots encountering an unidentified flying object (UFO) in 2015 has garnered calls for more research into what these mysterious objects could be.

Navy pilot recalls encounter with UFO: ‘I think it was not from this world’

Retired Cmdr. David Fravor spent 18 years as a Navy pilot, but nothing prepared him for what he witnessed during a routine training mission on Nov. 14, 2004.

Arrested drunk man claims he time traveled to warn of aliens

Police say a central Wyoming man they arrested for public intoxication claimed he had traveled back in time to warn of an alien invasion.

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